Data Acquired

If you prefer IndigoCard Login portal online services, here’s what you should know. Your data is collected for improving the offered services for both offline and online prospects.

Indigo collects two types of data online which are stated in the below two sections of the non-personal information and personal information. Check the details to get a brief idea about the data collected through the IndigoCard Login portal.

Non-Personal Information:- Whenever you visit the official website, we collect the IP address of the device connected to the Internet and a particular domain with which you accessed the portal.

We also collect other data, such as the type of browser you are utilizing, the type of operating system, and the site it may come from. It also includes other data about the device settings to provide easy online services.

The portal may also collect data about the browser, such as the pages visited, time of visiting, and also the time spent on a specific page. This data is accumulated separately from the personal information as per the norms states at

Personal Information:- In addition to the data described above, the data may include personal information that respective users provide, including but not limited to the below-mentioned ones:-

  • Name & Surname
  • Location & direction
  • Phone number & contact details
  • Registered email address
  • Account number, routing number, and name of the financial institution
  • IndigoCard Account Username & Password
  • Other personal data utilized to verify a user’s identity for security reasons

We also collect several personal data when you register at the official site, when you “contact” us through the IndigoCard Login portal, and when you make payments from the IndigoCard Login account.

We may gather your product options or other choices and selections with this private information, and we may combine the data & information with marketing details that we opt to gather.