Indigo Card FAQ

Preferring the IndigoCard for rebuilding the credit comes with a nominal price. However, if you are already an Indigo Cardholder, check out some frequent queries raised and answered.

How the personal information is protected at the IndigoCard Login portal?

Indigo, together with the service providers, take technical and organizational steps to prevent any type of unauthorized access, exposure, modification, or destruction of the data that you provide at

Where can I use the Indigo Mastercard?

You can prefer using the Indigo Platinum MasterCard for acquisitions and cash advances at any location you see the MasterCard logo for the payment. It is accepted in more than 33 million locations and in 210 countries.

How can I avoid late charges at

After receiving the monthly transaction statement, check the relevant payment due date and proceed to pay accordingly at the IndigoCard Login portal. Make sure you make at least the minimum monthly payment before the due date to avoid late charges.

What happens if I visit another site from the official one?

The Indigo Card privacy policy applies particularly to the usage and disclosure of data that gets collected from visitors and clients through the official site

If you leave this official site by clicking a link or entering a new address, we no longer have any authority over the security of the data and are not accountable for the content & privacy.

Can I view or request changes to the personal data I have given online?

You can view the given personal data on and make changes as per your preference. To request modifications to the personal information, you can call customer service at 1-800-958-2556.

What if the IndigoCard is lost or stolen?

If your card is lost or stolen, call 1-888-260-4532 for the same. If the Indigo Card is lost, stolen, and used without your consent, you will not be liable for those charges.