Indigo Card Highlights

IndigoCard officially reports to the three major credit bureaus namely TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. Therefore, this card is ideal for those individuals trying to build credit, as these agencies collect the data that will be utilized to calculate the credit score.

Detailed Highlights About IndigoCard

Payment history is a key feature of the IndigoCard Login portal. While keeping up with the payments, you can benefit from more favorable credit cards. Depending on the user’s creditworthiness, they may not be charged a yearly fee.

Nonetheless, if you have bad credit, you apparently owe a continuing annual charge of $ 59 or $ 99 as per the norms. For all the new cardholders, the annual charge drops from $ 99 the first year to $ 75.

The higher the annual charge, the less engaging the card will be. After all, you can conserve a few hundred dollars on the security deposit with a credit card so that you can save funds and get that deposit back, as long as the payment is on time.

Before authoritatively applying for the Indigo Mastercard, pre-qualification to see the likelihood of approval without sacrificing your creditworthiness is now possible with the IndigoCard. This way you will know about the account status.

However, prequalification does not mean you are authorized officially based on the Login portal regulations. It is more like a soft “yes” or a “probability”. You can check more details at for the same.

The credit limit is $ 300 and may be lower due to charges. For instance, for an account that has an annual charge of $ 59, the initial credit limit might be $ 241, as the cardholder assesses installation and maintenance expenses.

The official login platform for IndigoCard is, where the registered cardholder can activate the card. As soon as the activation procedure is complete on the official website, you will be able to receive benefits.